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A sample of the capability for the hotel market is the mountain setting outside of Sheridan, Wyoming where one of our builder partners, Champion Homes, helped overcome the obstacles and completed the building of this 48-room resort hotel three months sooner than had been projected by the developer.

The project scope included:

  • Systems-built units flanking a site-constructed central lobby
  • 48 hotel units of which two were Champion-designed handicap units
  • Factory construction and site installation
  • Meeting a 30-day construction schedule

Some of the key challenges:

  • Overcoming a difficult-to-reach setting, 8,700 feet above sea level and local skilled labor shortage to complete mountaintop hotel units before fast approaching winter halted construction

Our solutions:

  • Champion in-plant construction eliminated the need to have building materials delivered to the hard-to-reach site
  • Champion’s own crews installed and weather-sealed units on site in only 15 days
  • Time between start of construction in the plant to on-site installation was only 30 days
  • Hotel units were weather-tight before onset of winter