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With systems-built construction, student housing projects can successfully navigate tight schedules and challenging locations while minimizing the disturbance to other campus activities and surrounding uses.

Systems-built construction by Champion Homes for Cornell University permitted the manufacture, delivery and staging of 24 apartments above a parking garage while maintaining a weather-tight structure in four days despite a constrained site. (Refer to Images A,B,C to the left)

This dormitory to the left (Image D) represents another project we are currently designing with a major state university. The three buildings provide student housing with 441 beds in 177 apartments in four stories. Our construction timetable provides that the buildings can be complete and ready for students within six months of the components being delivered to the project site.

The time-lapse video (Video E) shows the construction of two separate but connected buildings at Appalachian State University by another one of our national builder partners, Clayton Building Solutions. The building in the foreground had its first floor built on site, while the one in the rear was completely systems-built. You can see how much faster the systems-built building went up. All three floors and the roof on the fully systems-built building were done before the first floor was even completed in the foreground on the site-built structure. This building consists of 129 components, 230 dorm rooms and will house 460 students. Total construction time was under four months.