About Brookside/Silver City

Our systems-built construction dramatically speeds up the delivery of the project and can provide significant savings in hard and soft costs while providing a much more environmentally friendly construction process than standard site-built alternatives.

While systems-built construction is not new, our approach has been mastered with extremely successful results in high-end, upscale apartments, luxury resort homes, workforce housing and student housing as well. We welcome the opportunity to present our unique systems that can provide you with the finest in housing solutions available anywhere.

Brookside Companies and its affiliate, Brookside/Silver City, is a large residential builder with almost 4,000 home sites developed in Michigan. We have teamed up with the nation’s largest modular builders to provide better solutions for the delivery of housing in a variety of applications such as urban renewal, resort homes, workforce housing, upscale apartments and student housing. Brookside/Silver City has developed systems-built housing applications that streamline the design process with particular attention on quality and value engineering to save time and cost while preserving style and design, in a cohesive process that makes the construction a fast and seamless, yet transparent experience for our clients.

Our builder-partners have manufacturing facilities across the US and Canada, along with tremendous purchasing power and the skills and resources to match the needs of any project. And, most importantly, using systems-built construction provides significant advantages over standard construction. This translates into being able to provide the highest quality, best pricing, fastest delivery and greatest value to you.

Our ideas bring value to each and every project we work on. We strive to develop mutually-beneficial, long-term partnerships, where we can each provide creative suggestions, constructive input, and give and take to create the best possible projects for our clients. We look forward to demonstrating that we can have a positive, sustainable and measurable impact for you.

In each assignment, we are able to minimize the soft costs and manage much of the upfront design, planning and cost evaluation as well. With each project, we can turn-key the delivery and provide a full range of services including design and engineering and the complete development and construction. Without any upfront cost or obligation on your part, we can work with clients to develop a project plan and budget for consideration most efficiently.

Current projects are now underway in Park City, Utah and Durango, Colorado, that demonstrate the great speed of delivery and exceptional quality we are able to provide … all with savings to your bottom line.